Benefits of MW Brothers seat covers:

HIGH QUALITY.  We keep up with high standards at any stage of our production. We use the best European materials and threads, professional and modern sewing equipment. Only reliable and highly skilled workers make our products. MODERN DESIGN.  Our seat covers are exclusively designed for each car model.  All details of a car interior are considered in a process of making. Good combination of materials, colors and textures create a stylish design of a car interior.
LOOK LIKE UPHOLSTERY.  We measure seats of each car model, create patterns and make a sample of each set. We adjust the sample for seats in order that it fits tightly. After installing car seat covers you obtain a good alternative to the expensive reupholstering. SAFETY and FUNCTIONALITY. Seat covers are designed in such a way that their elements fit all slots of the original upholstery. All functional parts of a car interior will work properly. The most important thing is that our goods do not interfere with airbag deployment.

MW Brothers produces three series of car seat covers: Comfort Style, Leather Style and Dynamic Style.


Comfort Style series seat covers are practical and comfortable. They are made of high quality leatherette and auto fabric. All materials
including strong threads have
been produced in Europe.
Do you want to emphasize
your style and feel
Choose Comfort Style series!

Comfort Style



Do you want to have business class car interior? Choose seat covers made of Arpatek and Alcantara. Only exclusive materials, high quality
workmanship and perfect fit.
More than 150 component parts have
been designed to make each set
of seat covers. Leather Style
series goods look like
expensive upholstery.

Leather Style


Dynamic Style series guarantees perfect fit of each set. Main distinctive features of the products  are high
quality materials. Bilastic and
French auto fabric Dynamic are
modern, practical and durable.
Stylish interior and high
level of comfort are main
benefits of this series.


Dynamic Style

If you spend a lot of time in your car and comfort is crucial for you, then custom fit set of seat covers is a good variant for you.  The best way to renew your standard upholstery is to buy stylish products. High quality goods will protect car’s seats and emphasize your style. Moreover, MW Brothers products are easy to clean and you will save money on dry-cleaning.

MW Brothers products and safety

We understand that an airbag deployment is very important for safety of a driver and a passenger. That is why we took into account the function of the side airbag. We designed seat covers which allow for the airbag deployment. The picture shows the results of the testing.

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