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On the basis of our observations, MWBrothers' customers are divided into several types, we tried to generalize them:
Those, who want to protect the interior of automobile.

In the last few years, we noticed that each year automakers use cheaper and cheaper materials. This can not but affect the duration of its usage and in a few years begin to destroy. Installation of MWBrothers covers suspends this process for at least 3-5 years.

Those, whose interior is subjected to heavy loads – parents, hunters, taxi drivers and etc.

Often our customers are looking for a way to protect the automobile interior from children or from not too careful passengers. Food blot, spilled drinks, small footprints on the backs of the front seats – are the main reasons for often dry cleaners and exactly due to it customers are looking for ways to protect the interior. For these purposes, the Dynamic Series is ideal, which is made with material easy to clean.

Those who are bored with an own interior, as well as those, who want to have a more expensive looking interior.

Difficult cut and abundance of small details favorably distinguish MWBrothers covers from the native interior – the installed covers look more interesting, beautiful and more expensive as well. By the way, for connoisseurs of luxury we have developed lineup which made with premium materials, and the base made with Alcantara.

Those, who buy used automobiles.

Who was sitting on these seats? What drove? And from what it is this spot? Many questions may arise when you are not the first owner of the automobile. The correct answer to all these questions is one – MWBrothers automobile covers, installing of which you will get interior looking like a new one.

While developing the concept of MW Brothers brand, we aspired to create qualitative, practical and stylish automobile seat covers that will be in use for years. Therefore, we came up with a special attention to the material selection and chosen the eminent factories – Era (Germany), Coats (England), Alcantara (Italy), Dynamic (France), ATN (Germany). These are real masters of their craft, and their production has certificates for use in automobile dealerships.
The overwhelming majority of production represented in the automobile covers market is made with different types and sorts of faux leather. Yes, it's practical. But such materials do not blow the air absolutely and moreover, long sitting on them – very doubtful pleasure, especially at high and low temperatures. In the MW Brothers covers the places of contact with a body are made with tight weave natural fabrics or with Alcantara ( and most subjected places to wear with tight Alcantara), while faux leather is used where it is necessary – on the side and back places of the product. Due to tight weave covers are difficult to stain and easy to clean – moist rag will cope with almost any dirt.

In order our covers looked in a car like a glove – we painstakingly measure the original car interior of each model and each trim version. All regulators, clips, headrest space, movable parts of seats – taking into account sizes and specifics. While creating patterns our specialists care about simple installation – this process is simplified as much as possible. Installed MWBrothers covers on the surface almost do not differ from the professionally upholstered interior.

In order to turn qualitative raw materials and original patterns into MWBrothers covers, we use ultra precise Japanese sewing machines Juki – flagship of the industry. In the manufacturing process the products are tested three times with the help of laser equipment – at first by cutters, then by seamstresses, and at the final stage by the packager of finished production. The probability of a defect is reduced to an absolute minimum.

According to statistics, the most popular colors are dark fabric or leather and a gray or red thread. This combination of colors is considered as a standard – more than 90% of all customers are choosing exactly these colors, but while making the order you may change it to any of the available in the catalog and we will sew it special for you (it will take a bit longer). The standard set includes covers for 5 seats (front and backs seats), headrests, armrests. Also, pay your attention, that the original MWBROTHERS products necessarily have brand or label with our logo.

AIRBAG and our covers
Our covers do not interfere with the work of AIRBAG. This is confirmed by tests and feedback from our customers. Its because we use special threads in the AIRBAG workplaces.
Our covers protect your seats against
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